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Koleksi Buku Teknik Sipil Bagian 1

Textbook Collection Civil Engineering Part 1

1 Struktur baja : disain dan perilaku / Jil.1 Charles G. Salmon ; John E. Johnson
2 Understanding structures Fuller Moore
3 Advanced construction technology Roger Greeno
4 Advanced soil mechanics Braja M. Das
5 An introduction to geotechnical engineering Robert D. Holtz
6 Analysis and design of substructures : limit state design Swami Saran
7 Applied statics and strength of materials Leonard Spiegel ; George F. Limbruner
8 Applied structural steel design Leonard Spiegel ; George F. Limbruner
9 ASTM standards on geosynthetics -
10 Concrete construction handbook Joseph J. Waddell ; Joseph A. Dobrowolski
11 Cone penetration in geotechnical practice Tom Lune ; Peter K. Robertson ; J.M. John Powell
12 Construction dewatering : new methods and applications Patrick J. Powers
13 Construction methods and management S.W. Nunnally
14 Construction of prestressed concrete structures Ben G. Gerwick
15 Construction planning for engineers F.H. Griffis ; John Farr
16 Construction project management Richard Hudson Clough ; Glenn A Sears ; S. Keoki Sears
17 CPM in construction management James J. O'Brien ; Fredric L. Plotnick
18 Deep excavations : a practical manual Malcolm Puller
19 Design of reinforced concrete Jack C. McCormac
20 Handbook of glass in construction Joseph S. Amstock
21 Design of steel structures S.K. Duggal
22 Earth pressures and retaining walls Whitney Clark Huntington
23 Experimental soil mechanics J.P. Bardet
24 Forensic structural engineering handbook Robert T. Ratay
25 Foundation design : principles and practices Donald P. Coduto
26 Foundation engineering handbook Hans F. Winterkorn ; Hsai-Yang Fang
27 Foundation in tension : ground anchors Thomas H. Hanna
28 Geotechnical earthquake engineering Steven L. Kramer
29 Geotechnical engineering investigation manual Roy E. Hunt
30 Geotechnical site characterization/ Vol.1 and 2 Peter K. Robertson ; Paul W. Mayne (ed)
31 Handbook on design of piles and drilled shafts under lateral load Lymon C. Reese
32 Infrastructure management W. Ronald Hudson ; Ralp Haas ; Waheed Uddin
33 Irrigation engineering N.N. Basak
34 Landmarks in soil mechanics -
35 Large-scale pile tests in clay J. Clarke
36 Matrix analysis of structural dynamics : applications and earthquake engineering Franklin Y. Cheng
37 Matrix analysis of structures Robert E. Sennett
38 Matrix structural analysis William McGuire
39 Mekanika bahan James M. Gere ; Stephen P. Timoshenko
40 Mohr circles, stress paths and geotechnics R.H.G. Parry
41 Notes on ACI 318-95 = building code requirements for structural code -
42 Open channel hydarulics Terry W. Sturm
43 Pembangunan jembatan gantung pejalan kaki di Indonesia -
44 Penuntun praktis perencanaan teknik jalan raya Sherley L. Hendarsin
45 Peraturan pelaksanaan Undang-Undang jasa konstruksi -
46 Practical foundation engineering handbook Robert Wade Brown
47 Proceeding of the international of foundation failures T. W. Hulme ; Y.S. Lau
48 Project management and teamwork Karl A. Smith
49 Reinforced concrete : a fundamental approach Edward G. Nawy
50 Reinforced concrete design Kenneth M. Leet ; Dionisio Bernal
51 Reinforcement of earth slopes and embankments James K. Mitchell ; Willem C.B Villet
52 Rekayasa Jalan raya Hendra Suryadharma
53 Retaining and flood walls -
54 Rock foundations -
55 Site investigation C.R.I. Clayton ; M.C. Matthews ; N.E. Simons
56 Slope stability and stabilization methods Lee W. Abramson
57 Fortran 90 for engineers and scientists Larry Nyhoff
58 Slope stability engineering /Vol.1 and Vol. 2 Norio Yogi ; Takuo Yamagami ; Jing-Cai Jiang
59 Soil mechanics and foundations Muni Budhu
60 Soil mechanics for unsaturated soils D.G. Fredlund ; H. Rahardjo
61 Soils and foundations Cheng Liu ; Jack B. Evett
62 Statics and strength of materials H.W. Morrow ; Robert P. Kokernak
63 Structural stability design Yushi Fukumoto
64 Structures Daniel L. Schodek
65 Structures P. Bhatt
66 Transportation engineering and planning C.S. Papacostas ; P.D. Prevedouros
67 Tunnel engineering handbook John O. Bickel ; Thomas R. Kuesel ; Elvyn H. King
68 Tunnel engineering Subash C. Saxena
69 Undergerground excavations in rock E. Hoek ; E.T. Brown
70 Unsaturated soils for Asia H. Rahardjo (ed)
71 Wood engineering and construction handbook Keith F. Faherty ; Thomas G. Williamson
72 Basic engineering calculations for contractors August W. Domel
73 Fatigue design of aluminium component and stuctures Maurice L. Sharp ; Glenn E. Nordmark ; Craig C. Menzemer
74 Partnering manual for design and construction William C. Ronco ; Jean S. Ronco
75 Air pollution control engineering Noel de Nevers
76 An introduction to the finite element method J.N. Reddy
77 An introduction to the mechanics of soils an foundations John Atkinson
78 Applied hydrology Ven Te Chow ; David R. Maidment ; Larry W. Mays
79 Blast and balistic loading of structures P.D. Smith ; J.G. Hetherington
80 Bridge hydraulics Les Hamill
81 Building construction estimating Stephen D. Schutte
82 Calculus with analytic geometry Edwards, Penney
83 Computer application in construction Boyd C. Paulson
84 Computer methods in structural masonry-4 G.N. Pande ; J. Middleton ; B. Kralj
85 Construction glossary : an encyclopedic reference manual J. Stewart Stein
86 Construction on contaminated sites J. Scott Lowe ; Theodore J Trauner
87 Construction waterproofing handbook Michael T. Kubal
88 Contract engineering : start and build a new career Amanda B. Watlington ; Radeloff Roger L
89 Design of diversion weirs: small scale irrigation in hot climates Rozgar Baban
90 Design of masonry structures A.W. Hendry ; B.P. Sinha ; S.R. Davies
91 Designer's guide to the dynamic response of structures Alan Jeary
92 Elementary numerical computing with mathematica Robert D. Skeel ; Jerry B. Keiper
93 Engineering economic principles Henry Malcolm Steiner
94 Environmental, health and safety portable handbook Gayle Woodside
95 Essentials of engineering mathematics Alan Jeffrey
96 Finite element analysis : theory and programming C.S. Krishnamoorthy
97 Finite strip analysis of bridges M.S. Cheung ; W. Li ; S.E. Chidiac
98 Fire, static and dynamic tests of building structures G.S.T. Armer ; T.O. Dell
99 Flow in open channels K. Subramanya
100 Fluid mechanics with engineering applications Joseph B. Franzini ; E. John Finnemore
101 Foundation repair manual Robert Wade Brown
102 Fundamental of structural mechanics Keith D. Hjelmstad
103 Geotechnical and foundation engineering : design and construction Robert W. Day
104 Hydraulic design handbook Larry W. Mays (ed)
105 Introduction to Eurocode 2 : design of concrete structures ( including seismic actions) Derrick Beckett ; Andrew Alexandrou
106 Mechanics of fluids Merle C. Potter ; David C. Wiggert
107 Mechanics of materials William F. Riley ; Leroy D. Sturges ; Don H. Morris
108 Numerical methods for engineers with programming and software applications Steven C. Chapra ; Raymond P Canale
109 Practical hydarulics Melvin Kay
110 Project management : strategic design and implementation David I . Cleland
111 Reinforced concrete design S. Unnikrishna Pillai ; Devdas Menon
112 Sediment transport : theory and practice Chih Ted Yang
113 Silos : fundamentals of theory, behaviour and design C.J. Brown ; J. Nielsen
114 Statistic, stability and reliability for civil and environmental engineers Nathabandu Kottegoda ; Renzo Rosso
115 Strip method design handbook A. Hillerborg
116 Structural assessment : the role of the large and full-scale testing K.S. Virdi ; F.K. Garas ; J.L. Clarke
117 Structural engineerig : history and development R.J.W. Milne
118 Structural steelwork connections Graham W. Owens ; Brian D. Cheal
119 Water distribution system handbook Larry W. Mays (ed)
120 Aerodynamics of large bridges Alan Larsen
121 Ageing of materials and methods for the assessment of lifetimes of engineering plant R.K. Penny
122 Aluminium structures : a guide to their specification and design J. Randolph Kissell ; Robert L. Ferry
123 Application of stress-wave theory of piles Frans B.J. Barends
124 Computer methods and advances in geomechanics jil.1 - 4 Jian - Xian Yuan
125 Construction contructing Richard H. Clough ; Glenn A. Sears
126 Construction Indonesia Pusat Data Business Indonesia
127 Construction planning equipment and methods R.L. Peurifoy ; Clifford J. Schexnayder
128 Construction project management Richard H. Clough ; Glenna Sears
129 Cost estimator's reference manual Rodney D. Stewart ; Richard M. Wyskida ; James D. Johannes
130 Densified veneer wood reinforced timber joints with expanded tube fasteners : the development of a new timber joint A.J.M. Lertjen
131 Design of concrete structures Arthur H. Nilson
132 Design of structures considering creep N. Kh Arutyunyan ; A.A. Zevin
133 Double shear timber connections with Dowel type fasteners A.J.M. Jorissen
134 European seismic design practice : research and application A.S. Elnashai
135 Flexible pavements A. Gomes Carreia
136 Foundation analysis and design Joseph E. Bowles
137 Geotechnical aspects of underground construction in soft ground R.J. Mair ; R.N. Taylor
138 Grouting and deep mixing Jil.1 - 2 Ryozo Yonekura ; Masaaki Terashi ; Mitsuhiro Shibazaki
139 Handbook on liquefaction remediation of reclaimed land Port ; Harbour research institute (ed)
140 Hidrologi teknik C.D. Soemarto
141 Ilmu peluang dan statistika untuk insinyur dan ilmuwan Ronald E. Walpole
142 Kerangka bertingkat banyak F. Takabeya
143 Management Stephen P. Robbins ; Mary Coulter
144 Management information systems : a study of computer-based information systems Raymond Mcleod
145 Mekanika tanah 1 dan 2 Hary Christady Hardiyatmo
146 Analisis perancangan gedung tahan gempa Kiyoshi Muto
147 Natural drought cooling towers U. Wittek ; W.B. Kratzig
148 Proceedings of the fourteenth International conference on soil mechanics and foundation engineering vol. 1 - 4 -
149 Proceedings of the tenth world conference on earthquake engineering vol . 1 - 11 -
150 Project management : a management approach Jack R. Meredith ; Samuel J. Mantel
151 Protection of earth slope of hydraulic structures V.S. Shaitan ; K.V. Shaitan ; D.V. Morozova
152 Remedial measures against soil liquefaction -
153 Reservoir sedimentation handbook:deisgn and mangement of dams reservoirs and watersheds for suistable use Gregory L. Morris
154 Seismic design practice into the next century : research and application Edmund Booth
155 Simplified design of building lighting Marc Schiller
156 Standar perencanaan irigasi : kriteria perencanaan bagian parameter bangunan kp 06 Dirjen Pengairan Dep. PU
157 Standar perencanaan irigasi : kriteria perencanaan bagian petak teriesr KP-05 Dirjen Pengairan Dep. PU
158 Standar perencanaan irigasi : kriteria perencanaan bagian saluran Dirjen Pengairan Dep. PU
159 Standar perencanaan irigasi : tipe bangunan irigasi Dirjen Pengairan Dep. PU
160 Steel detailing in CAD format Kamel A. Zayat
161 Steel structures Anthony N. Kounadis
162 Strait crossings Jon Krokeborg
163 Structures in the new millenium P.K.K. Lee
164 Struktur beton bertulang : standar baru SNI T-15-1991-03 Laurantius Wahyudi ; Syahril A. Rahim
165 Struktur statis tak tentu Chu Kia Wang
166 Teknik jalan raya/ Jil.1 Clarkson H. Oglesby
167 Teknik pondasi 1 Hary Christady Hardiyatmo
168 The calculus problem solver REA
169 Thirteenth international conference on soil mechanics and foundation engineering / Vol.1 - Vol. 6 -
170 Transportation engineering : an introduction C. John Khisty
171 Tunnelling Asia '97 C. V. J Varma ; A.R.G. Rao
172 Tunnels and metropolises jil.1 - 2 Arsenio Negro
173 Construction failure Jacob Feld ; Kenneth L. Carper
174 Design of highway bridges : based on AASHATO LRFD, bridge design specification Richard M. Barker ; Jay A. Puckett
175 Formwork for concrete structures Robert L. Peurifoy ; Garold D. Oberlender
176 Fundamentals of soil behaviour James K. Mitchell
177 Geotechnical engineering Raj Purushotama
178 Handbook of hydraulics : for he solutions of hydraulic engineering problems Ernest F. Brater (et al)
179 Stress, stability and chaos in structural engineering : an energy approach M.S. El Naschie
180 Aljabar matriks untuk para insinyur James M. Gere
181 Concrete mix design, Quality control and specification Ken W. Day
182 Construction planning equipment and methods R.L. Peurifoy ; W.B. Ledbetter ; C.J. Schexnayder
183 Durability of building materials and components 7 : prediction, degradation and materials Vol.1 Christer Sjostrom
184 Durability of building materials and components 7 : testing, design and standarditation Vol.2 Christer Sjostrom
185 Foundation design : principles and practices Donald P. Coduto
186 Management Stephen P. Robbins ; Mary Coulter
187 Management James A. Stoner ; R. Edward Freeman ;Daniel R. Gilbert
188 Management John R. Schemerhorn
189 Matematika teknik lanjutan Erwin Kreyszig
190 Reinforced concrete : mechanics and design James G. MacGregor
191 Structural analysis Russel C. Hibbeler
192 Konstruksi kayu Felix Yap
193 Manual of built-up roof systems C.W. Griffin
194 Mario Campi Franco Pessina : bauten und projekte buildings and projects 1962-1994 Kristin Feiress
195 1979 annual book of ASTM standard/ jil.15 ASTM
196 3000 solved problems in precalculus Philip Schmidt
197 A concise introduction to engineering economics Peter Cassimatis
198 A guide to soil mechanics Malcolm Bolton
199 A Policy on geometric design of highways and streets -
200 A Policy on geometric design of rural highways -

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